Board and Executive Board

Executive Board

Steve Grammas  


Steve was born in the fast paced city of Poughkeepsie, New York, but moved to Las Vegas when he was 1 and has grown up in Las Vegas. Steve attended Bonanza High School while also participating in the Explorer program from the age of 16. Read More »

Scott Nicholas  

Vice President

Scott was hired by the LVMPD as a Corrections Officer in February of 2000. Soon after graduation from the academy, Scott worked at Las Vegas City Jail where CCDC was housing 550 inmates. Read More »

Bryan Yant  


Bryan is from Canton, Ohio. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 1996 as an Infantry man and obtained the rank of Corporal. He was hired by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in 2000. He was assigned to Northwest Area Command. Read More »

Mike Ramirez  

Director of Governmental Affairs

Mike was born and raised in Las Vegas. In 2005, he received the call that he was accepted into the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He started in patrol on the graveyard shift in the Southwest area command. Read More »

Myron Hamm  


Myron was born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina and at the age of 18 his family moved to SanDiego, California. He joined the United States Air Force in 1989 and Nellis Afb was his first duty station. Read More »

Tyler Todd  


Tyler was born and raised in Stockton, CA. At 18 he joined the United States Air Force and was stationed at Nellis AFB. While in the Air Force Tyler became a Noncommissioned Officer. He separated from the Air Force as a Staff Sergeant in 2004 to join the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Read More »

Kirk Hooten  


Kirk is returning to the LVPPA Executive Board for a second tour of duty, having spent 2011-2014 as Director of Communications and Director of Governmental affairs. Kirk was hired by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in February 1994. For the first three and a half years of his career, he worked in the Patrol Division […] Read More »

Board of Directors

Name Title/Position Year Term Ends
Steve Grammas President Appointed
Scott Nicholas Vice President Appointed
Bryan Yant Sergeant-at-Arms Appointed
Mike Ramirez Director of Governmental Affairs Appointed
Myron Hamm Secretary Appointed
Tyler Todd Treasurer Appointed
Kirk Hooten Director Appointed
Richard Sibelrud Airport 2018
Luis Payan At-Large 1 Appointed
Brian Grammas At-Large 2 Appointed
John Abel At-Large 3 Appointed
Tricia Caine At-Large 4 Appointed
Tyler McMeans BAC 2020
Philip Closi CCAC 2019
Joe Jones Covert Ops 2020
Troy McArthur CCDC 1 2018
Daniel Varner CCDC 2 2019
Tyler Darrington CCDC 3 2020
Christopher Jimison CCDC 4 2017
Michael Reinarz Deputy City Marshal 2017
Jason Auschwitz DTAC 2017
Kevin Koval EAC 2019
Bruce Gentner Headquarters 1 2017
Robert Sigal Headquarters 2 2019
Peter Fuller Headquarters 3 2019
Kevin DaRosa Muni Court Marshals 2019
Guy Turner NEAC 2020
Ed Pazos NWAC 2018
Henry Hoffman Resident 2017
David Tomczak Resident (Laughlin) 2018
Michael Malone Retirees Appointed
Walter Tlockowski SCAC 2018
Vacant SEAC N/A
Pat Burke Special Units 2020
Brian Smith SVAC 2019
Douglas Seymour Traffic 2020
Chad Lyman Training 2020
***Appointed Terms - 1 Year