LEAF Charities offers financial relief to the survivor families of LVPPA members, deputy city marshals and municipal court marshals killed in the line of duty. Assistance is offered in several forms:

  • College: Both the children and spouses of LVPPA members are eligible for college support. The charity will cover the cost of in-state tuition and is working to establish partnerships with out-of-state institutions to receive comparable tuition rates in the future.
  • Holidays: Children under age 18 may receive up to $500 worth of holiday gifts.
  • Birthdays: Children under age 18 may receive up to $250 worth of birthday gifts. The PPA keeps a record of dependents’ birthdays and purchases presents, which are wrapped and delivered to the families’ homes.
  • Unforeseen needs: Up to $1,000 in emergency cash may be disbursed after the death to cover immediate needs such as food, lodging and transportation.
  • Other: Various other programs are supported to assist children’s and members’ athletic teams, events and other board-approved charitable activities and organizations.