Like police labor organizations around the nation, the LVPPA is a politically active organization. As the largest police organization in the state, we have formed a state wide police coalition with all the major law enforcement groups in the state. The political candidates will seek the state coalition endorsement when running for office. The LVPPA and the coalition does not give endorsements lightly and many factors are considered before endorsing a candidate. Party affiliations are not the most important factor. The LVPPA and the coalition looks to see which candidates have worked well with police labor in the past as well as which candidates are in touch with issues important to the organization and show promise for having positive working relationships in the future.

  • US Senate: Dean Heller
  • Governor: Steve Sisolak
  • Secretary of State: Nelson Araujo
  • Congress District 3: Susie Lee
  • Lt. Governor: Kate Marshall

State Supreme Court

  • State Supreme Court: Elissa Cadish
  • State Supreme Court G: Lidia Stiglich

Justice of the Peace

  • Moapa Valley Justice of the Peace: Kyle Waite
  • Justice of the Peace Department 1: Elana Lee Graham

County Commission

  • Clark County Commissioner E: Tick Segerblom
  • Clark County Commissioner F: Tisha Black
  • Clark County Commissioner G: James Gibson


  • Assembly District 2: John Hambrick
  • Assembly District 5: Brittney Miller
  • Assembly District 8: Jason Frierson
  • Assembly District 9: Steve Yeager
  • Assembly District 10: Chris Brooks
  • Assembly District 12: Richard Fletcher
  • Assembly District 13: Tom Roberts
  • Assembly District 15: Howard Watts
  • Assembly District 16: Heidi Swank
  • Assembly District 17: Tyrone Thompson
  • Assembly District 18: Richard Carillo
  • Assembly District 20: Ellen Spiegel
  • Assembly District 21: Ozzie Fumo
  • Assembly District 22: Melissa Hardy
  • Assembly District 23: Glen Leavitt
  • Assembly District 24: Deonne Contine
  • Assembly District 25: Jill Tolles
  • Assembly District 26: Lisa Krasner
  • Assembly District 28: Edgar Flores
  • Assembly District 29: Lesley Cohen
  • Assembly District 30: Mike Sprinkle
  • Assembly District 31: Richard Daly
  • Assembly District 33: John Ellison
  • Assembly District 34: Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod
  • Assembly District 35: Michelle Gorelow
  • Assembly District 36: James Oscarson
  • Assembly District 37: James Marchant
  • Assembly District 39: Jim Wheeler
  • Assembly District 40: Al Kramer
  • Assembly District 41: Sandra Jauregui


  • Senate District 2: Mo Denis
  • Senate District 8: Marilyn Dondero Loop
  • Senate District 9: Melanie Scheible
  • Senate District 10: Yvanna Cancela
  • Senate District 20: Keith Pickard
  • Senate District 21: James Orenschall

Northern Municipalities

  • Mayor: Hillary Schieve
  • Storey County Sheriff: Mike Cullen

City Council

  • City Council Ward 2: Naomi Duerr
  • City Council Ward 4: Paul McKenzie

County Commission

  • Washoe County Commission 2: Bob Lucey
  • Washoe County Commission 3: Kitty Jung
  • Washoe County Commission 5: Greg Smith

If a race is not listed, the Coalition is not making an endorsement in that race.

Coalition Endorsements 2018