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March/April 2023

LVMPD Dispatcher Tiffany Grammas Retires After 15 Years of Dedicated Service

Typically, the members of the Executive Board write their articles for publication. This article will be different. After 15-plus years of service to the community and LVMPD, my amazing wife, Tiffany Grammas, retired from her position as your dispatcher. I wanted to give her a forum to write an article addressed to those who have meant so much to her, those being her officers on... Read More »

Right to Representation

By now you all know or should know when you have a right to representation and how important it is to utilize your right to representation under NRS 289 and your Weingarten rights. Let’s assume the supervisors abused their authority and disregarded your request to have a representative present during their questioning immediately after a critical incident, even after you requested... Read More »

Member Benefits

The PPA is always looking for ways to interact, engage and give back to our members through our various events and member benefits. The Sports and Education Donation is one benefit that many officers are unaware of. This benefit can be utilized for any organized team activity, sport, league or event that you or your child may be enrolled in. The donation is a once-per-calendar-year... Read More »

Sitting Down With LEAF Scholarship Recipient Rachel Kutsanai

I recently had the opportunity to meet with one of our LEAF scholarship recipients, Rachel Kutsanai, who is currently a freshman at the University of Nevada, Reno. LEAF, the Law Enforcement Assistance Fund, is a charity that honors our fallen heroes by ensuring that their children are afforded the opportunity to attend college. LEAF is a nonprofit managed by the Las Vegas Police... Read More »

Health Trust Changes

With a new year, comes new changes to the Health Trust. For those of you who don’t know what the Health Trust is, here is some information on what it is and what it does. The LVMPD Employee Health and Welfare Trust was formed in 2001 and is made up of eight trustees. The trustees are composed of four members from management, Jackson Wong, Jamie Frost, James Kilber and Jamie Prosser;... Read More »

Legislative Bill Tracker

After I was appointed director of governmental affairs over a year ago, I brainstormed ways that I could keep officers and our lifetime members engaged with the legislative process and on the bills that I am tracking while I am in Carson City. During my many hours of brainstorming, I found bill-tracking software called FastDemocracy that allows me to link the bills I am tracking... Read More »

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