Member Benefits

Bryan Yant

The PPA is always looking for ways to interact, engage and give back to our members through our various events and member benefits. The Sports and Education Donation is one benefit that many officers are unaware of. This benefit can be utilized for any organized team activity, sport, league or event that you or your child may be enrolled in. The donation is a once-per-calendar-year donation of $100 that can be used to offset fees, equipment, etc., for the member. If you have multiple sports or children enrolled in sports, you are only eligible for one donation. The PPA has 12 eligible donation slots available each month, and the donation is only available to active members.

To apply for the Sports and Education Donation, simply email In the email, please state your name, personnel number, area of assignment, contact phone number and a simple request for the donation. We do not need league confirmations, receipts, etc., included with the email request. Once your email has been sent, you will receive an automatic reply acknowledging the receipt of the email. If we only receive 12 donation requests for the month, all 12 donation requests will be granted. If we receive more than 12 donation requests, all requests received will be placed into a lottery, and 12 people will be chosen. The 12 donation recipients will be notified that their donation request has been approved, and they will have 30 days to pick up the donation check at the PPA office. If your donation request was not granted, you will be notified to resubmit your request. Your donation request will not stay in the queue for the following month. You must submit a new donation request.

If you are a coach on a team and would like the PPA to sponsor the team, we offer sponsorships of $250. The sponsorship is to offset out-of-pocket expenses that you, the coach, may incur when purchasing gear and supplies for the team you are coaching. The sponsorship cannot be used in conjunction with the Sports and Education Donation. If you would like to submit for a Coaching Sponsorship, please email your request to with the following: your name, personnel number, area of assignment, contact phone number and a request for the donation explaining the role you have with the team and the need for the sponsorship. The sponsorship is only available to active members. The sponsorship request will be forwarded to our donation committee for approval. Once approved, you will be notified that the sponsorship request has been approved and will have 30 days to pick up the sponsorship check at the PPA office.