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July/August 2023

So Far, So Good Under New Sheriff

I hope that 2023 has been a great year so far for all our members and their families. This is the first President’s Message I am writing under a new Sheriff with new ideas for our agency. As is customary in my position, working with the administration is a daily occurrence. As it was with Sheriff Lombardo and his team, your Executive Board has been in constant contact with the... Read More »

Should I Be Paid for Time Worked From Home?

The simple answer is yes! If you have work that has to be completed outside of your normal shift, the Department understands it must pay you overtime for that time worked. For example: A traffic officer is required to review an arrest packet prior to arriving to court so you can potentially testify on the case, and you are on your RDO. This time does not have to be preapproved,... Read More »


Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine who works as a captain for a major agency in South Florida. We were discussing several force analysis cases and talking about recent use-of-force trends that we have seen — mainly focusing on the internal analysis and review, as well as how supervisors, from the first-line supervision to the executive staff, view and react to use-of-force... Read More »

Patrol vs. Corrections? Both Deserve Equal Respect

Years ago, the Metro Academies used to participate in a series of spirited events known as the PO vs. CO Academy challenge. There were numerous events, such as the push-up and sit-up challenge, 100-yard dash and relay races. During my first four weeks of the Academy, the TAC staff kept pushing us to be motivated to beat the PO Academy. I heard stories about how the games were really... Read More »

LEAF Scholarships

Every year, the Law Enforcement Assistance Fund (LEAF) gives out $30,000 in scholarships to deserving immediate family members of PPA members. These scholarships are paid for out of the LEAF account and not the PPA account. This year’s scholarships were presented at the annual Police vs. Fire charity tackle football game. We would like to continue this tradition and again present... Read More »

Documenting Use of Force and Writing Blue Team Reports

One of the most scrutinized and important tasks an officer undertakes is using force upon a resistive suspect. Despite all the public affairs stuff that occurs with modern policing, the most important part of policing, the thing that cannot be replaced, is the requirement for someone to intervene appropriately, at times with force, to stop individuals within the community who must... Read More »

Legislative Session Wrap-Up

The legislative session is now over, and I am back from Carson City. Overall, I enjoyed the lobbying experience very much and feel like I got a college degree’s worth of knowledge crammed into 120 days. One of the most important things I learned is that relationships matter when it comes lobbying and getting our name out there. Also, how I carry myself in and out of the legislative... Read More »

Membership Events

The Association’s ongoing mission is to provide our members with the best benefits and services. The LVPPA represents our members throughout officer-involved shooting response/investigations; in-custody death response/investigations; pre-termination, non-confirmation and civil service hearings; arbitration processes; contract negotiations; legislative matters; and administrative... Read More »

The LVPPA Member Database and Why It’s Important

Greetings; I hope this finds everyone well. I want to use this opportunity to discuss the LVPPA’s member database, to provide an idea of what we use it for and why it is important to keep it updated. Additionally, I would like to explain a new tool we are offering with the database and how it may benefit you. We have a licensing agreement with a software company that has been... Read More »

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