Vegas Beat Magazine

September/October 2021

The Free College Basics

I wanted to focus this article on the application process for the free college benefit program that the LVPPA has secured through a partnership with Washington National. Many of our officers have taken advantage of the program, and hopefully many more will do the same. To start, our officers need to go to the LVPPA website at Read More »

The Choice Is Yours

As we approach another election for Clark County sheriff, I wanted to share some of the history of our sheriff’s races with those of you who were not around for the past elections, along with LVPPA’s endorsements in those races. I’ll take you all back to the beginning of my career, when then-Sheriff Jerry Keller was an easy choice for the membership to support. Read More »

Patrol Briefing Topics

In case you missed us at your area command patrol briefings, we have some very important information to keep you informed. We are always trying to keep you updated on various topics through a variety of means. Please, if you are not receiving emails from the PPA, contact our office and we can check to ensure your information is accurate in the system. We also ask our Board of Directors... Read More »

Where Do You Turn?

I now have a teenage son, and from day one I have always drilled it into him that he can turn to his mom and dad whenever he has a problem. I am overjoyed when he comes to me looking for advice on a problem and we solve it together. He is not always correct in his way of thinking, but I am happy to say that he trusts me enough to ask for my help. When members of the LVPPA come to... Read More »

Better Than I Found It

I always tell my kids, when you make a mess, clean it up. I am a firm believer in returning something in better condition than when you borrowed it. Have you ever loaned something to someone only to receive it back in horrible condition? As I enter the end of my career with LVMPD, I truly hope that my time with this agency has left a positive mark on someone. Read More »

Contract and CPI

During this year’s contract negotiations, CPI language was added to the contract on how we will calculate our COLAs in the future. The numbers that we will use to determine our CPI will come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) West Region Class B/C-sized cities (a city with a population of fewer than 2.5 million people). Read More »

Using Civil Service Rules to Discipline

If you’ve been following my articles in Vegas Beat, you know that I often focus on LVMPD disciplinary trends and practices. It appears that some LVMPD captains are using Civil Service rules as a form of discipline for probationary police officers as well as tenured police officers. Civil Service rules allow LVMPD the ability to extend probation for a probationary police officer... Read More »