Vegas Beat Magazine

May/June 2021

The Importance of Training

About two years ago, I started training with Chad Lyman. Most of our early training focused on cardio work and some stand-up striking. I remember thinking to myself on the first day, “Damn! This is hard.” Eventually, the cardio and workouts became a little easier. Let me say, Chad is a great teacher. Read More »

Current and Upcoming Events

Here is a quick update on some of the things we are working on for the membership. First off, Steve and I are currently traveling to Carson City, splitting the week, to attend the legislative session to lobby on behalf of law enforcement throughout the state. John Abel and David Roger are also actively participating and supporting the same efforts. Read More »

Body-Worn Cameras

LVMPD was one of the first major police departments in the country to implement the use of body-worn cameras. The rollout began as a trial period in conjunction with a case study. Officers were asked to volunteer to wear and try out several types of body-worn cameras. At the end of the trial period and case study, it was clear that body-worn cameras were going to be implemented... Read More »

Managing With Trust and Respect

The greatest asset of any company or business is its people. How you treat and utilize those assets will determine your success rate. I have had many supervisors over the years, beginning with my military service and culminating with my career with the LVMPD. I would say that 90% of my supervisors have been really outstanding and have helped me get to this point in my career in... Read More »

Hone Your Skills and Maintain Focus

How long does it take to become really good at what you do? It’s a rare occasion when a rookie or someone new at their job has a huge amount of success at the beginning of their career. No matter what the chosen career path is, there is a learning curve. I remember, years ago, being a brand-new officer fresh out of the academy and sometimes feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility... Read More »

$5,000 Law Enforcement Assistance Fund Scholarships

The Law Enforcement Assistance Fund (LEAF) has been around since 2008, and its primary function is to provide support for the families of officers who were killed in the line of duty. LEAF helps provide funds for fallen officers’ children to go to college and provides them with birthday and Christmas presents. Read More »

Legislative Update

As we are nearing the halfway point of this Nevada legislative cycle, I know many of you have heard rumors about some of the bills being proposed that, if passed, will have an effect on law enforcement. The big rumor is that legislators are attempting to take away qualified immunity, and I am happy to report that as of today there is no language in any bill that removes qualified... Read More »