Vegas Beat Magazine

January/February 2021

What Will 2021 Have in Store for the PPA?

I wanted to open 2021 with some of the events and issues that the LVPPA will be facing this coming year. February 1 will start the 2021 legislative session. Scott Nicholas and I will be the primary representatives at the session for the PPA, with John acting as a third arm of our approach to the session. Read More »

Lead by Example and Inspire Others to Follow

What are the trademarks of a true leader? A leader is someone who inspires us to strive for greatness or someone who leads by example. I have witnessed many people promote within the LVMPD, and some have moved up the ranks to become outstanding supervisors. Read More »

Protect Your Career

Would you ever consider driving without insurance? How smart would it be to own something and not take the steps to ensure it is protected? Banks insure your money, and we pay insurance on our homes for occurrences such as floods, earthquakes and fires. Read More »

LVMPD’s COVID-19 Policies

As the year winds down and 2020 draws to a close, LVMPD’s COVID-19 rules have reached a level that is not only costing officers money and earned sick time, but also causing some officers to receive discipline. A few years ago, the LVPPA informed officers that they have the right to request a union representative if they feel any conversation they have with a supervisor can result... Read More »