Vegas Beat Magazine

September/October 2020

A Citizen’s Open Letter to America’s Police Officers

Present circumstances constrain me to address America’s policemen and women. I begin by saying, “Thank you.” Thank you for remembering in these troubled times why you became a police officer and for remaining true to your original commitment to serve and protect. I am convinced that the day will come that we will look back to these times with enormous regret, just as many... Read More »

Pre-Planning for Positive Outcomes

Pre-planning can be a key to successfully handling any law enforcement call from big to small. Pre-planning literally means to plan in advance. On critical events, pre-planning as an individual and with teammates can be the difference between a well-run call that allows officers to adjust and overcome sudden developments that are almost inevitable in the field and a call gone awry... Read More »

The Road to Recovery

Since mid-March, people across the globe have been living through one of the most historic events in the world: the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic is something that most people thought would only happen in third-world countries. Many of us heard about people becoming ill in China and about the many people who had died from the disease in Wuhan, the city in central China where... Read More »

I Stand With Law Enforcement

Recent events involving law enforcement have forced me to take a closer look at my chosen career path and my place in all this madness. I found myself feeling a little taken aback by the recent events and the harsh treatment of all of us in the law enforcement field. For all the flaws associated with the LVMPD, I have to admit that this is a well-respected organization with a stellar... Read More »