Vegas Beat Magazine

March/April 2020

Warrior Versus Guardian

I have been a police officer since the late ’90s. I began my career with the Portland Police Bureau in Portland, Oregon. In 2004, I moved to southern Nevada and began to work for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The poem to the left was written by Sergeant Lonn Sweeney of the Portland Police Bureau. Read More »

Serving Our Members on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is one of the largest events in the country. The celebration is a time when the LVPPA gets to perform a few duties that are a flat-out pleasure for us and our members. For the third consecutive year, we stationed ourselves at different locations on the Strip and downtown to ensure our members were kept fed and warm. Read More »

Stop the Insanity

Stop the insanity — please. I am not old; in fact, I feel pretty young. Heck, I have a little 9-year-old girl at home. I am in pretty good health, but my blood pressure spikes when I hear about some of the false training LVMPD officers receive from a single person. To be clear, I am not pointing the finger at Academy TAC officers. Read More »