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The Strength of Graham

There has been a recent assault on the landmark Supreme Court use-of-force caselaw Graham v. Connor (U.S. Supreme Court, 1989). If you are a police officer, challenges to use of force are nothing new. What is unique is that some challenges can come from within — from your department or police executives. Read More »

We Stand Behind You

Recently on social media and in the news, we have witnessed the unspeakable and disrespectful actions of violence against NYPD officers. The simple fact that their actions were celebrated by a small fraction of people shows the breakdown in our values and morals that our society continues to approve with these despicable acts that disrespect law enforcement. Read More »

Association Events Update 2019

With all the PPA events that we have been hosting, we are starting to get an overwhelming response to our emails that I send out for each event. We have now decided to do a drawing of P#s for each event to make it fair for all officers. The feedback we were getting was that COs or graveyard officers were not getting the emails until it was too late to get tickets. Read More »