Vegas Beat Magazine

March/April 2016

Las Vegas Metro’s Zebra Force

S.W.A.T. These letters set the mind churning, conjuring images of black-clad supermen bristling with weapons and equipment leaping through windows and blowing doors off hinges, then performing a delicate yet violent ballet as they overwhelm their objective with the goal of saving the innocent and punishing the guilty. Read More »

Fit for Duty: Cory Church

After all, we have inherently one of the most stressful and dangerous jobs on this earth. Exercise combats so many of the negative effects created by this career, it would be nice to see everyone unified through fitness and rewarded for it. Read More »

Proposed IRS Normal Retirement Age Regulations

Background In 2006, Congress passed the Pension Protection Act (PPA). It established new funding requirements for defined-benefit pensions, like NVPERS, and includes reforms that will affect cash-balance pension plans, defined-contribution plans and deferred-compensation plans for executives and highly compensated employees. Read More »