Vegas Beat Magazine

January/February 2016

Greetings From Your New Director of Employee Relations

Here I was, happily retired, enjoying being lazy. Well, that’s not really true; I’m definitely a Type A personality, always looking for something to do. Crazy thing about instant messenger on Facebook — I got a message from the PPA. Hmm? Turns out they didn’t have my phone number, but they tracked me down! And […] Read More »

Metro: Our History, Our Story

As I stated in the last issue, our history runs deep and began with our parent organizations, the Las Vegas Police Department and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. This article will talk about two officers I knew and worked around: Ocie Pigford and Frank Macauley. Some of you may have heard of or read Truman […] Read More »

Body-Worn Cameras: Do They Really Tell the Whole Story?

Today cameras are everywhere, recording everything you do and say. These recordings aren’t controlled, and can be manipulated and edited to show what someone wants the viewer to see. So, as officers, why not control the video and document what really occurred on the scene with a body camera so that viewers can get the […] Read More »