The Road to Recovery

Scott Nicholas
Vice President

Since mid-March, people across the globe have been living through one of the most historic events in the world: the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic is something that most people thought would only happen in third-world countries. Many of us heard about people becoming ill in China and about the many people who had died from the disease in Wuhan, the city in central China where the coronavirus outbreak first emerged.

What most of us didn’t know was that this virus would frighten the world — including the city that never sleeps — into closing down day-to-day business operations so people could self-isolate or quarantine at home. Well, most people were able to do that, but not you!

As you all know, we learned to use a lot of new words during the pandemic; some of them I’ve already used in this article, and some I haven’t, like “essential employees,” which we now know means you and me! So while most citizens were hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer, you were dressing for work like any other day, getting ready to deal with whatever you are asked to do. One exception from the normal day was the silent virus we call “corona.” You can’t see this enemy and no one can warn you which direction it’s coming from — all the training in the world could hardly prepare you for this enemy. Sure, we were able to get some masks that are debatably helpful (maybe as helpful as a Taser from 50 feet away)! I mean, come on, how much protection do they really provide when your hands, arms, legs and head are all contaminated, and the virus is just waiting for you to adjust the mask and touch your face? 

I wasn’t even trying to debate the PPE gear, but the point I was trying to make is that once again, when called upon, regardless of your safety, you all showed up and handled your business! I’m so impressed with how many people didn’t complain about the possibility of getting COVID-19 and, from early reports, the potential of dying from this virus! As you all may recall, the original models predicted 2.5 million deaths in the United States! Pretty scary when you think about who those people would be when you are an essential employee and have to go out and answer calls for service, or enter a module full of 70 to 90 inmates, not knowing if they will get you sick or worse! And you still showed up! Well, almost all of you! If you didn’t, you probably weren’t part of the LVPPA because our people came to work and didn’t complain. Our officers showed up, did what was asked and faced the possibility of the normal force used against them and the new enemy, COVID-19!

Fortunately for all of us, Sheriff Lombardo and his command staff have been extremely supportive of their officers and have repeatedly complimented, thanked and shown their appreciation for all of you doing your job in the face of danger once again.

This article is dedicated to the memory of Lieutenant Erik Lloyd. Rest in peace, my friend. You are missed!

Please be safe, and thank you for your membership.