Because We Know

Bryan Yant

The clench of fear in your belly that pushes you forward.

The anxiety of the unknown in the darkness.

The taste of chlorine while performing CPR on a child who 
you have saved from drowning in a pool.

The sound of bullets flying past you.

The smell of an accident scene with charred remains from a
drunk driver.

The scent of a decomposing body.

The smell of gunfire in a fight for your life.

The satisfaction of helping a stranger in their darkest times.

The hurt in failing to arrive quickly enough to help.

The pain in comforting a scared and neglected child. 

The taste of a strong drink after a long week.

The love of a child.

The reward and honor in giving 100% doing a job you love.

Graduating the academy and field training. 

Teamwork and training pay off. 

Treating others with respect and courtesy.

Making it home after every shift. 

To answer the call of service to something greater than oneself. 

Murphy’s Law.

Smiling to conceal the pain, and fighting inner battles no one knows. 

Police officers know these truths and so many more, and live with them daily. This is what makes our profession so strong and resilient. Even with the current climate and trends of today, always remember why you volunteered for this noble and honorable profession. Many people choose not to take the path you have taken. You are brave and stronger than most. Stand proud with your brothers and sisters. There are so many out there who support and need you. Don’t let them down, and know they appreciate you. Stay strong, stay safe, go home after every shift and give 100%. You are the protectors of Las Vegas and law and order. Hold that line!