Let’s Talk About the LVPPA RV

Mike Ramirez
Director of Governmental Affairs

The holidays are coming up, and I wanted to start off by wishing all of you a safe and festive holiday season!

You might be bored stiff with all the normal politics talk that I typically write about, so this time I want to shift gears a bit. Let’s talk about something fun or interesting. Let’s talk cars. Well, more specifically, RVs — even more specifically, the LVPPA RV. A few years ago, we collectively decided to purchase an RV to primarily be used as a mobile vehicle for OISs. If at any time you arrive at a scene and see our RV, it means there was an OIS or an in-custody death.

Please note that the use of the RV is for members only and is a place for the officers involved in the OIS to gather their thoughts, talk to their attorney/representative, get a bite to eat, talk to their loved ones on the phone, watch television and relax for the long process ahead of them. In addition, it gives the involved officers an opportunity to get out of the elements (cold or heat) as well as limit their exposure to the media at the scene. Although the RV is a perk for our members only, it more specifically is for members who were directly involved in the scene. It is not uncommon that there are multiple officers involved (shooters, witnesses, etc.), and the RV gives us the space to have several people all in one spot.

There have been a few misconceptions about the purpose of the RV, and I want to clarify. If you were not involved in the OIS but show up at the scene and see the RV, you are welcome to stop by. We can supply you with a drink or some snacks or even a restroom, but please note it is not a place to hang out and relax or to shoot the P# 1825 breeze. So please do not feel offended if we ask you to leave if you are not involved. I definitely don’t want to imply that the RV is not for general membership use, I just want to make sure I clarify the primary purpose behind it and the importance of having a safe and comfortable place for the involved officers.

Our RV has proven to be a successful addition to the LVPPA’s amenities and services. Ideally, there would never be any OISs or in-custody deaths, which would then mean no need for our RV. However, the reality is that sometimes these things happen and we want to be prepared to take care of our members. The RV is parked at our LVPPA office when not in use and if any members are interested in taking a quick tour of it, by all means, feel free to contact us at the LVPPA office. For those who have not seen it and are curious, I have included a few photos of it.

As always, take care out there. Be safe, and feel free to contact me any time at mramirez@lvppa.com.