Top Cops Nomination for 2015

Steven-GrammasOn Friday, September 4, 2015, at 0352 hours, Officer Malik Grego-Smith and Officer Jeremy Robertson, while operating as a marked LVMPD Patrol Unit, arrived at a residence in response to a prowler call. The homeowner stated several times to LVMPD call takers that he heard subjects in the rear yard trying to gain entry to the house. At one point, an unknown subject was ringing the homeowner’s doorbell, while another subject was in the rear yard. The homeowner told the LVMPD call taker that he believed the subjects were armed.

As Officers Grego-Smith and Robertson arrived and parked in the middle of the cul-de-sac, they began to search the road ahead of them, looking for potential subjects. As Grego-Smith and Robertson approached the front of the residence, they noticed a high block wall with spikes affixed to the top to keep intruders out. The only entrance to the yard was a six-foot-tall iron gate with spikes affixed as well. Grego-Smith and Robertson could not hear anything in the yard, and they began to approach the front porch area. When they were near the front door, they heard a sound toward the rear yard. Grego-Smith and Robertson made contact with the homeowner and entered the residence. Once inside, they went to the kitchen to look out the windows to try and locate any subjects in the rear yard. There were no lights on in the rear yard or porch area, and no subjects could be seen.

When the door opened, both officers were fired upon by the suspects, one of whom was armed with an AK-47 and the other with a shotgun. Robertson was hit in the right hip area by a round that was fired from the AK-47, immediately rendering his leg unusable. Grego-Smith immediately returned fire, hitting the AK-47-wielding suspect in the calf and also hitting the shotgun fired by the other suspect. The suspect hit by Grego-Smith fled the area, while the other took cover behind a pony wall P# 15077 that separated the patio and the grass area in the backyard. Due to all of the items in the backyard and the darkness of it, even with a flashlight Grego-Smith was unable to see the suspects.

Grego-Smith knew that at least one suspect remained in the backyard, whom he was giving verbal commands to and getting replies from. Robertson was unable to move due to the injury. With no regard for his own safety and not knowing if the shooting was over, Grego-Smith stepped into the doorway, away from cover, and stood in front of Robertson, who was lying on the floor. Grego-Smith provided cover for his downed partner, and requested medical and a downed officer rescue as well as an arrest team.

K-9 Sergeant Bitsko, along with K-9 Officers Overson and Hemsey, took one suspect into custody after he refused to comply with their orders. Knowing the suspects were armed, the decision was made for Bitsko to deploy his K-9, which was effective and allowed officers to take the remaining suspect into custody. When he was taken into custody, he was still in possession of the shotgun. The suspect suffered several bites to his hands and head.

Robertson was taken to UMC Trauma by Las Vegas City Fire Department. He never lost consciousness during the event. He was able to assess his injuries and provide vital information to Grego-Smith and Dispatch.

A large perimeter was set up with officers from numerous commands. A massive manhunt utilizing SWAT, K-9, Patrol and Detectives was conducted for the escaped suspect. The outstanding suspect was apprehended climbing over walls west of the shooting, near Westcliff and Antelope inside of the perimeter. The following officers were the first responders who established the arrest team and performed the downed officer rescue: Officers Russo, Adkisson,

Vaughn, O’Neil, Keller, Fields, Truax, Vance, Henry, Rowberry, Villagrana, Velicescu and Kyger, along with Sergeant Hansen.

During subsequent interviews with the subjects, it was determined that this was going to be a home invasion for narcotics. One of the suspects had been in a dating relationship with the homeowner. The dating relationship had just ended and the suspect wanted to get revenge on his former lover by committing the home invasion.

The Las Vegas Police Protective Association was proud to nominate Officers Malik Grego-Smith and Jeremy Robertson for the Top Cops Award. After consideration by the Top Cops Committee, our officers were not selected as the winners, but they did make the honorable mention list. The process for selection stretches across the United States and involves many submissions by different police associations for multiple acts of bravery and heroism. The fact that Officers Grego-Smith and Robertson were not selected for this year’s award does not in the slightest way diminish the bravery that those two officers, and the arriving and supporting officers, showed that morning. On behalf of myself and the rest of the LVPPA, you are all to be congratulated for a job well done. There is no doubt that you are Top Cops to us, and I hope that this article will be read by every member of the Department.