Current and Upcoming Events

Scott Nicholas
Vice President

Here is a quick update on some of the things we are working on for the membership. 

First off, Steve and I are currently traveling to Carson City, splitting the week, to attend the legislative session to lobby on behalf of law enforcement throughout the state. John Abel and David Roger are also actively participating and supporting the same efforts. We will keep you all posted on any of the legislative changes that are being made, and how you all can help.

The LVPPA is negotiating year three of the four-year contract that was negotiated in 2019, and we have agreed not to open the clothing allowance or health insurance articles. This means that on the second check in July, you will receive $1,750 for your clothing allowance. So right now, the only article that is open is COLA. As most of you know, NVPERS has demanded another increase to the retirement system of 1.5%, and that means we will all be paying half of that increase through a COLA increase or a reduction in pay. Please remember, this increase is not a negotiated item. It is simply an actuarial study that is completed for review and voted on by the PERS Board. Not even the governor can veto this increase. 

The first check in August will have the education incentive payment attached to it, so make sure your transcript and degree are turned in to receive this payment.

You will start seeing our Executive Board in briefing rooms conducting our annual briefings. 

Thank you for your membership, and please be safe.