Association Events – May/June 2018

The first quarter of the year has gone by extremely fast, and here at the PPA we have had the joy of giving back to our members. To recap the events since the beginning of the year: We all know the hottest ticket in town is the Vegas Golden Knights. We have also hosted a UNLV basketball game, which received great reviews. Lastly, something new this year was our first annual Easter egg hunt held at Police Memorial Park. This was a huge success, and it was a joy to see the children of our members in full force dashing for eggs and lining up to meet the Easter Bunny.

We plan on building off of the successes and learning from the downfalls of each event to provide the best to our membership in the future. All in all, we have been extremely successful in providing entertainment for our membership, and we are happy that you are enjoying these benefits. It has been very rewarding to host the events.

I want to personally thank all the members who have been so gracious and understanding about the process of receiving tickets. I truly do feel bad when I have to turn away any member for tickets to our events, whether it’s basketball, hockey, baseball, etc. With that being said, if I email you, “Sorry, the tickets are all gone,” please do not try to circumvent the system and call a PPA rep to get you tickets. Contrary to the conspiracy theory, the idea that “people are hooked up” is a misconception. The Executive Board and I have tried to create most unbiased system for handing out tickets. Trying to circumvent the system is taking away from a member who followed the rules. I truly try to make this process as fair as I possibly can for all members.

We look forward to hosting more events throughout the next quarter. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me at