45th Anniversary Collectibles to Support Preservation


This article is a little different from the past few. While it does have a rather historic link, it is a current topic.

As many of you know, the Metropolitan Police Museum and Historical Society has worked since 1998 to preserve our past and educate our law enforcement community about our history. Much of the work we do comes at a cost, preserving and storing the P# 8884 artifacts we have.

We have several cars that are stored at the Metropolitan Police Headquarters. They include a 1941 Clark County Sheriff’s Office Chevrolet and two old Las Vegas Police Department cars, one a white 1960s-era Mercury, one a 1972 blue and white Plymouth (the style used by the City at the time of merger). These cars were painstakingly refurbished by retired Lieutenant Dennis Larsen and retired Officer Bill Price. Unfortunately, the weather of Southern Nevada is harsh on these cars. We also have a couple of motorcycles, the 1930s-era strap-steel jail cells, multiple uniforms, over 200 guns, and hundreds of photos and technology from yesteryear, just to name some of the items. Repair and maintenance comes at a price.

Last summer we undertook the expensive and manpower-intensive project of properly archiving and cataloguing most of our inventory, a process that took over 700 man-hours.

The Metropolitan Police Museum and Historical Society has one major fundraiser. Since our 25th anniversary, we have issued anniversary badges every five years. The coming anniversary is no different. Shown here are the badge and patch that we have designed for the 45th anniversary of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. They have been authorized by the Sheriff for wear during the anniversary year. It’s hard to believe we became Metro nearly 45 years ago!

The cost is $165 for the badge and $5 for the patch, which covers production and sales tax. These items will be for sale through supply, and orders are now being accepted. They are copyright protected and will have a limited production, which will make them valuable collector’s items. Please consider supporting your Museum and Historical Society by making a purchase of these limited-edition items.