The Less You Say, the Better

Scott Nicholas
Vice President

As most of you already know, COVID-19 affected all of us at LVMPD in one way or another for the last 14 months and is still affecting many of us in different ways. Some businesses are still requiring masks, and many establishments are requiring you to carry a vaccination card to enter their buildings or to travel around our own country.

One thing I want to caution you on is that business owners have the right to reject service to anyone who does not follow their guidelines. Throughout my career, I have seen officers get caught in a jackpot because of the frustration of being denied service or being asked to leave a business.

Sometimes, it’s not even our officers who are the initiators, but somehow the officer gets wrapped up in the web with another family member or friend who is agitated by a business owner. Always remember that you should not announce that you are a police officer for LVMPD! In fact, the less you say about being a Metro employee … the better. 

Anytime people find out you are a Metro employee, they try to use it against you. Ask your family and friends to avoid blurting out the words, “He works for Metro.” It only makes things worse, I promise. If you were a truck driver in the same situation, no one would ever care about contacting your employer, but as a Metro officer, you will have a complaint filed against you for conduct unbecoming. 

One of the other things I want to remind you about is the Uber/Lyft ride home program we started approximately six years ago. If you have been at a pool party or out having a few too many, remember to grab an Uber or Lyft, so you don’t get arrested or fired. The program can’t be any easier to use, and there is no excuse to kill someone or yourself, so please use the free ride and send us the receipt for full reimbursement to get you home. 

Thank you for your membership, and please be safe.