2017 Association Events

Wow, 2017 has flown by for the PPA! I feel like it was just yesterday when I planned our first event, the UNLV basketball game in February. Almost every month this year, the PPA has hosted an event of some type for its members, and it’s been an undertaking that has led me to become the events coordinator for the PPA. Let’s recap what we did in 2017.

  • Two UNLV basketball games
  • Three Las Vegas 51s baseball games
  • Two Gravady events
  • Two UNLV football games
  • Two Vegas Golden Knights hockey games
  • Trunk or Treat Halloween
  • Santa Day
  • Vendor Expo
  • Two blood drives

Vegas Golden Knights Tickets

I would like to take a moment to address the Vegas Golden Knights (VGK) games and how the selection process works. When our Association reached out to the VGK, our thought was to buy some tickets to give back to our members. When we met with the VGK and toured the T-Mobile Arena, they showed us the amazing luxury suites. After our tour, Steve and I talked, and we thought about how great it would be to give our membership the ability to experience a luxury suite and to be able to afford our members the opportunity to enjoy the game in an environment secluded from others in attendance.

A luxury suite only holds 75 people, so the decision was made that only members were going to be allowed to attend, meaning only 70 members could attend each game, with five tickets reserved for the PPA Executive Board, bringing the total to 75. The thought process behind having only PPA members attend was to give our members a chance to interact and meet other members whom they might not normally work with. The result of the first game was a huge success; I saw officers talking to each other, with most meeting for the very first time.

The way that we select the members for the VGK games is as follows:

  • 35 tickets are drawn at the quarterly General Membership meeting;
  • Another 35 tickets are drawn when I send out an email asking for your name and P# to be put into a drawing.

No, we do not select who we want to attend — I am as fair as I can possibly be in this regard. If you attended a VGK game previously hosted by PPA, you can only be put on my waitlist for tickets. Just so everyone knows, I do pull extra tickets for our waitlist, and as people call to cancel, I contact those on the waitlist. What I try to avoid with each game is “no call no shows.” If you are drawn for a ticket and are unable to attend, please contact our office as soon as possible so I can find someone to take your spot. I truly hope this clears up any questions on how we are handling the VGK games. We have two more games coming up in 2018, so keep an eye out for the emails. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or suggestions for events.

Upcoming Events

January 26: Blood Drive
February 21: Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Game