Legislative Preview and Upcoming Election Season

John Abel
Director of Governmental Affairs

2022 is set to be a busy year, with midterm elections and preparations for the 2023 legislative session.

If the tea leaves are correct, conservatives are set to make some big moves due to the liberals’ anti-police policies and pandemic fatigue. As always, the LVPPA will be at the forefront of these issues fighting for officers and our rights. You can be sure that politicians like State Senator Dallas Harris will try to attack qualified immunity, because even though crime is up by double digits, she and other legislators like her still believe police are the problem. The LVPPA is currently working with politicians on both sides to propose a bill that adds better COVID protections in the event where an officer dies in the line of duty of COVID.

In the coming months, the LVPPA will send an email vote to the membership regarding who you want to endorse for sheriff and governor in the upcoming election. Also, we have received good feedback on candidates who are running for judge. Please keep sending in feedback, or inform us of any issues that you have encountered, so we can discuss these issues during our endorsement process with the candidates. As the director of governmental affairs, I can pick up the phone and call any of our elected leaders to discuss issues that concern you. They answer my phone calls because they want campaign endorsements from police officers. Our endorsement is more important this election season because we are being asked to help clean up the mess that many of the anti-police laws and policies have created. Every time I read about a senseless death on a Southern Nevada roadway, I cannot help but think of the liberals who passed the law that turned traffic infractions into a civil matter. There is no doubt that this emboldens people to drive dangerously and puts other law-abiding citizens in harm’s way. Every time I see a pedestrian killed by a vehicle, I also think of those same liberal politicians who passed a law saying officers cannot stop people for jaywalking, claiming that officers were only stopping people for racists reasons. It’s all coming back to haunt them, and you can rest assured that anyone running for a political office will be asked how they plan on combating these issues.

Please pay attention to your emails from the LVPPA. I will be asking for your feedback and participation to let our politicians know that we are not going to allow them to pass laws that continue to make Nevada an unsafe place to raise families.

As always, I can be reached at jabel@lvppa.com or (702) 468-0766.