Our Community Cares

Scott Nicholas
Vice President

A special thanks to Findlay RV for their generous donation to the LVPPA in setting up this beautiful motor home for the officers posted at UMC while Shay was fighting for his life. I hope this is a small reminder that our community overwhelmingly supports all of you in uniform who are protecting all of them.

As protests continue across the country and politicians embrace horrible ideas on police reform, Las Vegas citizens truly care about you. Reuben Figueroa, general manager at Findlay, went to extreme lengths to make sure our officers had a comfortable place to cool off, get a cold drink or a snack or use the bathroom, so they didn’t have to enter UMC due to COVID-19 restrictions. The motor home also provided a safe place to meet with Shay’s family.

If you are ever in the area, please stop in and give the Findlay staff a big thank-you.

Please be safe, and thank you for your membership.