Bylaws to Consider Before Deciding to Leave the LVPPA

Scott Nicholas
Vice President

Bylaw 6 — Membership
6.03 Application — No qualified person may be a member of this Association except upon approval given by majority vote of the Board of Directors and subject to the terms and conditions of membership as fixed by the Board of Directors and/or as described in these Bylaws; it is the policy of this Association that approval for membership shall not be based on arbitrary or discriminatory grounds.
Bylaw 20 — Censure, Suspension or Termination of Membership
20.01 Membership in this Association is a privilege, not a right, and may be terminated or suspended by reason of a member’s death, resignation and/or non-payment of money past due and owing to this Association including, without limitation, dues and assessments.
20.02 Membership in this Association may be terminated or suspended for any subversive acts against the Association and because of discipline imposed pursuant to this Bylaw.
20.03 A member may be subject to disciplinary action including, without limitation, censure, suspension and/or termination of membership in this Association for:

  • Any violation of the terms and conditions of membership in this Association, including but not limited to violation of any regulation, Bylaw or Article of Incorporation of this Association;
  • Violation of any local, state or federal law, which brings dishonor upon the Association.

We appreciate your membership and are always available if you have any questions.