Even Firefighters Need Heroes

Zach Adam #10, Cedric Bailey #4, Gerryl Bennett #2, Antonio Cabrera #22, Zach Cambier #13, Cejay Ceniza #29, Christian Clapp #11, Brice Clements #85, Chris Cunningham #99, Travis Cunningham #90, Nchong Enokenwa #0, Donald Eredia #81, Darius Gantt #18, Derrick Garrett #44, Jerrell Garrett #55, Collin Garrod #8, Jason Gathing #25, Trey Gilleo #69, Joe Haas #7, Ryan Heise #72, Tremayne Jackson #5, Cody Johnson #1, Nick Kelesis #78, Mathew Kravetz #53, Jefferson Lippitt #0, Steve McNair #75, Markeyce Moore #45, Joe Ortega #3, Eric Peeples #20, Waylon Philpot #43, Harrison Porter #9, Sean Reilly #14, Keenan Sanders #12, Joshua Simms #77, Jerry Sulek #95, Derrick Turner #52, Jace Turner #87, Martin Urriola #50, Lionel Vincent #24, Stephen White #20, Remond Willis #41 and Alexander Zendejas #58
Greg Stinnett

The men in the picture here turned an idea into a reality. They are police and corrections officers from various bureaus, many of whom did not know each other prior to this team being created. They have formed a bond that will last a lifetime.

They paved the way for our Department to reincarnate a long-lost tradition. While doing so, they afforded themselves an opportunity to once again play a sport they love. The benefactors of this team were many.

The Law Enforcement Assistance Fund (LEAF) received monies to further its mission of supporting the children of our fallen officers.

The Children’s Heart Foundation received a much-needed donation to further its mission of funding congenital heart defect research.

Our families and our community were able to gather to watch Las Vegas’s first responders play what is arguably this nation’s favorite sport.

The student–athletes of Bonanza High School’s football program directly benefited from a monetary donation that will further advance the youth program and help purchase equipment. Equally important was the opportunity they had to interact with police and corrections officers on a level they otherwise would never have had. I can tell you it was a benefit to us as much as it was to them.

On the day of the game, I asked the student–athletes, all of whom volunteered to help, what we could do for them. The only thing they asked from us was to watch them play their homecoming game. It was a humbling request and one that we are excited to honor.

Our community will directly benefit as well. A coach who volunteered his time to make this team and game a success found an interest in our profession and is currently in the testing process to become a police officer. I will go further into detail in a future article as it’s an incredible story.

I have always believed, and I have told anyone who will listen, that if you can make a positive impact on just one person’s life, you have had a great career. These men do that daily as cops and corrections officers. I just wanted to remind you all.

Well done, gents!

I would like to introduce you to the men who made this happen: the 2022 LVMPD/LVPPA football team.