Briefing Updates

Bryan Yant

Recently, we have been attending triple squad briefings for all shifts throughout LVMPD. In case we missed you or your squad, this will serve as a brief update. As always, you can call any of us at any time to discuss these issues or any other matters. We can also circle back and brief your squad individually whenever it is convenient. Below are some brief highlights of what we have been discussing at briefings.

Many of you requested during our sheriff endorsement process that the sheriff consider issuing new uniforms that fit with modern policing styles and, even more importantly, are not wool. Future Sheriff McMahill has heard your requests loud and clear. The uniform shop has discontinued ordering any new uniforms and has been instructed to push through what is currently on hand. There will be several companies presenting bids and options for the uniforms in mid-December to be purchased soon thereafter.

Over the course of the last few years, we have had officers terminated for truthfulness issues, especially when it comes to documentation in CAD. CAD is an official document, and misrepresentation of facts, your location or activity on person or vehicle stops in CAD is an offense that will lead to termination. If you are leaving a call to go to another location, place yourself to other and the actual location in CAD. This first and foremost is an officer safety issue should you require immediate assistance; however, again, concealing your location in CAD will result in termination.

When you are off duty and decide to take police action, first ask yourself, “Is this necessary to prevent the loss of lives?” Officers are frequently becoming involved in off-duty issues and taking police action vs. being a good witness and calling for on-duty officers. If you place yourself on duty, you can be sure that your conduct will be scrutinized by the watch commanders, criminal IAB and many others. Criminal IAB will respond and launch a criminal case against you if applicable. You could be a criminal suspect in a case, and you have all the rights as any other citizen. Please stop, press pause and call the PPA. We will put you in touch with our lawyers for legal advice. Do not provide any statements in a criminal investigation without speaking to your lawyer first. You can only be detained for 60 minutes, and you need to be aware of when that 60 minutes expires so that you can ask to be released.

Recently, the search and seizure team has been conducting squad-level training on search and seizure issues. They have provided an email address where officers can submit questions, concerns and even ask if a certain call was handled correctly. Do not email them with specific questions or concerns. You have a perfectly good expert opinion available to you 24/7 in David Roger. Call him, email him or go to his website,, for informational videos and legal opinions.

Please visit our website,, or our social media sites for a list of our current endorsed candidates. They are selected by our coalition of major law enforcement associations across the state. There are other groups touting their endorsements; however, the endorsements given by the PPA are for candidates who vow to support law enforcement, protect PERS and work to keep harmful legislation from passing that would make your jobs harder.

Please take a few minutes after reading this article to ensure all of your life insurance, PERS, LVMPD, LVPPA and UMR beneficiaries are up to date. Any time you have a life-changing event (e.g., a birth, marriage, divorce, etc.), you need to update these lists.

Effective August 1, if you are served with a subpoena and accept it and fail to appear, LVMPD will be opening statements of complaints. If you are unable to attend, submit a non-appearance request immediately. If you accept the subpoena and later have a conflict, please email the district attorney in advance explaining the issue and copy your sergeant in the email.