Fit for Duty: Shahann Greene

David Tilley writes regularly for Vegas Beat to highlight the importance of fitness and to share some of our members’ fitness routines and secrets. If you would like to be profiled, feel free to reach out to him at

Highlighted Member

Shahann Greene, P# 8918
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 195
Years on the Department: 10

How did you get started with weight training?
I actually got started when I played college basketball at the age of 19, for College of the Canyons in Valencia, California. I was introduced to weight lifting as a part of their training program.

Playing collegiate basketball is a great accomplishment. When it comes to competition, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Not many people knew your dad was a competitive bodybuilder. Were you taught to eat healthy and be physically active as a child because of your dad?
Throughout my life, my dad has given me tips on how to train and take care of my body. I was never forced to eat healthy or play sports. I was given the knowledge and it was up to me to use it. I eventually started playing basketball and running track in middle school.

How important is it for you to teach your son the benefits of eating healthy and staying active?
Knowing what I know now, I think it’s very important. I’ve been lucky enough to live a healthy life, but everyone is a little different. I feel it’s up to me to give him the basic knowledge about how to take care of his body, and encourage him to be very active at his age and throughout his life.

I saw you in the news playing dodgeball for a charity event and noticed your softball trophies in the office. Do you play other sports? Which one would you say is your favorite, and why?
I love playing and watching sports. I consider myself an all-around sports guy. I’ve played softball, flag football, dodgeball and basketball, and I like to bowl. Basketball is my favorite sport, with football coming in a close second. My favorite teams are the Lakers and the 49ers. Basketball has always been a family favorite. I played in middle school, high school and college. I actually have a cousin who plays in the NBA, for the Indiana Pacers.

49ers? I can’t promise you people will continue reading this interview. (Just kidding.) What is your current training routine?
My current gym routine includes weight lifting and cardio five days a week. I use a cellphone app called “Jefit” to keep me organized. I normally work out two body parts during one session and cardio afterward: Monday chest and triceps, Tuesday back and biceps, Wednesday legs and shoulders, Thursday calves and forearms, and Friday abs and traps.

That gives you 48 hours to recover and back at it again. Are you on a specific diet, and what is your supplementation like?
No, no, ha. I’ve been lucky to never have been on a diet. I do try to eat healthy as much as I can. I don’t drink soda or anything high in sugar, so it’s easy for me to drink a lot of water. I actually like the taste of water. Nothing beats a tall glass of cold water — well, except maybe a nice cold beer, but that’s another subject. The only supplement I take is “Serious Mass Protein.” It helps me maintain my weight and size.

fit-for-duty-shahann-green-3How has being fit helped you be a better police officer?
These days everyone likes to run or fight. I’ve dealt with both. I’d rather be the guy saying I have one in custody versus saying he’s “H.” I was always known for my speed on the Department. Only one guy in 10 years has outrun me. Then again, he was eventually caught after he tried to get in a cab, so I guess I still have a perfect record.

As long as he was caught, I agree, your record still stands. What advice would you give officers looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle?
I believe it’s extremely important for officers to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle. We put our bodies through a lot during our time on the Department. It’s easy for us to let work consume our lives and not take care of ourselves. Our body is like a tool; in order to achieve peak performance, we need to take care of it.

If you were the Sheriff, how would you incorporate fitness into the Department?
I would put gyms back in all the stations and maybe have a discounted membership at LVAC or another fitness center for all Metro employees.