The Big Game Gets Big Support From Politicians

John Abel
Director of Governmental Affairs

The LVPPA recently planned and hosted a tackle football game between cops and firefighters that required a lot of time and dedication to ensure we had a successful event. The LVPPA reps and staff worked tirelessly for weeks to ensure every aspect of the event went as smoothly as possible. The proceeds and donations for this event all went to our Law Enforcement Assistance Fund (LEAF), which helps the families of fallen officers.

My responsibility for this event was to connect with our local politicians and persuade them to donate to the event and to our LEAF charity. I am happy to say that many of our local politicians came through in a big way. Our biggest donations came from political candidates Kevin McMahill, who is running for Clark County sheriff, and Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who is running for Nevada governor. Both donated $5,000 and were also a big presence at the game. County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick donated $2,500 and was also in attendance at the game. Other political candidates who donated and attended the game were Nevada attorney general candidate Sigal Chattah and justice court judicial candidate Danielle Pieper Chio. 

It is very important for the public and our officers to see our local leaders, politicians and political candidates support law enforcement and law enforcement families, so when they take the time to show up and support this event, it sends a very positive message. 

By the time this article is posted, the primary election will be over, and we will know who the head-to-head candidates are. When you vote in the general election in November, look for the official LVPPA/PSAN endorsement list and vote for our endorsed candidates. The candidates who we endorse are vetted via an endorsement interview and are the candidates most likely to help our efforts to pass laws that benefit law enforcement and law enforcement families. Vetting the right candidates who understand all of the issues that affect police officers, such as pensions, collective bargaining, police bill of rights and laws that affect how we police Nevada, is not an easy process, so when we endorse someone, and they also take the time to show up and support our events, it means a lot and they should be recognized.