Fit for Duty: Kashif (KJ) Summers

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fit-for-duty-1Highlighted Member

Kashif (KJ) Summers, P# 14109
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 150
Years on the Department: two as cadet, three and a half as police officer

You are my first interviewee who has not competed in a sport during adulthood, yet you are an avid gym-goer. How long have you been weight training, and what motivated you to start?
I played basketball in high school at LVHS for two years, then decided to join the Explorer program to focus more on my career path once high school was over. I’ve always stayed pretty active and lifted weights, but nothing serious at the time. Once being accepted into the Police Academy, I started to see some of the real dangers of policing and wanted to stay in top physical shape. Close friends in the Academy also took up weight training and became serious about it, just like myself. I’m very motivated by this fact. I am not the biggest officer on the Department, but I know that if I train, lift weights and prepare myself mentally, I’ll be able to take on anyone. After actively training for about four years now, I can say I am in the best shape of my life and continuing to improve daily.

fit-for-duty-2What is your current training routine?
My workout routine varies, depending on what I am trying to accomplish. My current routine consists of weight training five days a week and having two rest days. My week starts out with chest and triceps, back and biceps, legs, rest, shoulder, legs and another rest day. I’ve recently been spending more time on my lower body, as this is usually the weakest and hardest muscle group to get “gains”! I can usually expect to spend an average of 90 minutes each day working out.

Leg day twice a week? You seriously deserve a medal. Do you give the same amount of attention to your diet as you do to your training routine? What is your current diet and supplementation like?
It must be genetics, but I can literally eat anything I want and not gain a pound. My metabolism works fast, and this could affect my body negatively when I am trying to put on more weight. Although I may be able to eat anything I want, I tend to stick to more healthy food, such as white-meat chicken, whole-grain rice, a lot of mixed veggies and water. My goal is to focus more on preparing meals for the week and not allowing myself so many cheat days. fit-for-duty-3Prior to my workouts I will take a full scoop of Vaso Fuel, which increases blood flow to my muscles and gives me awesome pumps in the gym. My post-gym supplements consist of Isolate Fuel, which is a protein, mixed with Glutaplex. Glutaplex is a BCAA (branch chain amino acid). These combined help recover muscle tissue and promote muscle growth.

I understand that you are doing your first event at the Nevada Police and Fire Games. Why did you choose flag football?
Football has always been a sport I’ve wanted to play competitively in, and now I have the opportunity with the Police and Fire Games this year. Playing pickup games at the park with friends has continued my interest in playing. I believe with my speed and ability to change directions quickly, I would make a good CB (cornerback) or WR (wide receiver). Hopefully, after the Police and Fire Games I can join the Metro team and continue to play.

fit-for-duty-4How has being fit helped you be a better police officer?
Being fit as a police officer has increased my confidence to take on any situation head-on with minimal fear. No one knows your abilities more than yourself. If you trained hard, when a situation of crisis is presented, you’ll know exactly which steps to take to succeed. Weight training has kept me from getting injured in fights, along with running on a consistent basis, which has helped me catch 10 out of 12 suspects in foot pursuits (the other two had to have been Olympic runners).

What advice would you give to officers looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle?
If officers are looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I encourage them to seek out advice and support from a partner who is on that path. In addition, has great programs for beginners looking to lose weight, gain weight or just keep an active lifestyle in the gym. I started out with P90X and it just worked right into building the confidence I needed to hit the gym on a regular basis and continue to work at my goals.

fit-for-duty-5If you were the Sheriff, how would you incorporate fitness into the Department?
I would make a partnership with various gyms around town and come up with a discounted rate for officers to get in shape. This will benefit both the business and the Department with promoting healthy officers, providing an outlet to do so and decreasing excuses to not get in shape. The Department can do this without spending a dime; it will be the gym that would benefit with the increased business. I would also eliminate the uniform allowance and turn it into a yearly PT Academy standard test. Each year, for every officer that passes the test, they get the allowance. I’m sure the incentive of money would get some officers in shape.