You Need Representation

Bryan Yant

As a member of the LVPPA, you belong to the largest law enforcement association in the state of Nevada. By choosing to be a member of our Association, we represent you and your interests at the local, state and national levels. You have chosen to be a member of this Association to have representation. If LVMPD, IAB, CIRT, Labor Relations, Health and Safety, etc., followed the rules, contracts and laws and fairly enforced policies and procedures, there may be no need for representation. Clearly, in today’s day and age, as well as historically, we know that there is a need for representation and someone fighting for your best interests.

If you have ever been hurt at work and experienced the workers’ compensation process, you understand the pains and frustrations of dealing with the denials of your claims. Unfortunately, the majority of submitted claims are historically denied and must be fought. Sadly, the injured officer is left in limbo. Past directors of the workers’ compensation process aimed to deny claims, forcing injured officers to fight and litigate their claims, with hopes that officers would give up out of frustration and go away. Historically, injured officers have needed representation when dealing with their workers’ compensation cases to get the proper treatment and care to recover and resolve their case. Hopefully, with the implementation of the Wellness Bureau, things change and our injured officers get the care and compensation they deserve for their injuries sustained while protecting our community. However, I would highly recommend having representation to protect your rights and to ensure your case is fairly adjudicated.

Many of our members are veterans or are actively serving our great country in a reserve capacity. During your service, you may have been injured, experienced toxic exposures, suffered exposure to traumatic events and so much more. You may have been treated on your military installation by medical personnel and have recovered or are still suffering from the symptoms or injuries. Dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding your service-connected injuries can be equally frustrating as the workers’ compensation process. If you do not have representation while dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs, you may feel like a fish swimming upstream. The process to receive medical benefits and compensation post service can often feel like it is impossible without representation.

You have already taken steps to protect yourself by becoming members of the LVPPA. By becoming members, you have access to exceptional representation and to our general counsel, David Roger, who works tirelessly to represent and defend you. You would not walk into an internal hearing, deposition, criminal trial or any other venue without representation. Please take time to educate yourself in these and other venues to protect your rights and benefits. There are many options available to you in these fields. Many of your colleagues may have recommendations of representatives they may have used in the past. As always, be safe and continue providing our community with the best service possible. We are available to you 24/7, and we thank you for your membership.