LVPPA Podcast

President Steve Grammas and Director Daniel Coyne from the Las Vegas Police Protective Association will be discussing police issues locally and nationally along with some humor.

Episode 18: Undersheriff Andy Walsh

In this episode of the LVPPA (Las Vegas Police Protective Association) podcast, host Steve Grammas is joined by special guest LVMPD (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department) Under Sheriff Andy Walsh. The episode revolves around insightful discussions on various topics including the new administration within the LVMPD, the transitional phase under new leadership, training enhancements, and the future direction of the police department.

Under Sheriff Andy Walsh shares his perspective on how the LVMPD is adapting to the changes brought about by the new administration. He highlights the importance of effective leadership in navigating these adjustments and ensuring the department's continued success in serving the community.

One of the key areas of focus during the episode is training. Under Sheriff Walsh and Steve Grammas delve into the significance of providing comprehensive and up-to-date training to LVMPD officers. They discuss how investing in training not only enhances officer performance but also contributes to building public trust and safety.

A highlight of the episode is Under Sheriff Walsh's insights into the rising stars within the LVMPD ranks. He identifies individuals who are making significant contributions and displaying strong potential for future leadership roles. This provides listeners with a glimpse into the promising talent that is emerging within the police department.

Throughout the conversation, Under Sheriff Walsh and Steve Grammas touch upon the evolving landscape of law enforcement and the strategies that the LVMPD is considering to stay ahead of challenges. They discuss the importance of community engagement, proactive policing, and embracing technological advancements to enhance the overall effectiveness of the department.

The episode wraps up with a forward-looking discussion about the future of the LVMPD. Under Sheriff Walsh shares his vision for the department, emphasizing the commitment to serving the community while continuously striving for excellence.

Overall, the podcast episode offers a comprehensive overview of the LVMPD's current state, the impact of new leadership, the importance of training, and insights into the upcoming leaders within the organization. It provides listeners with valuable perspectives on the law enforcement landscape in Las Vegas and the measures being taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.


Length: 1:08:27

Episode 17: John Abel

In Episode 17 of the LVPPA (Las Vegas Police Protective Association) Podcast, the hosts had a special guest, John Abel, who serves as the Governmental Affairs Director. John provided a unique and behind-the-scenes look into the 2023 legislation session that took place in Carson City that year. He shed light on the various bills that were passed during the session and their direct impact on police officers.

To gain firsthand insights into the legislative process and advocate for the interests of police officers, John moved to Carson City for a period of six months. He shares his experiences and challenges during this time, giving listeners a glimpse into the world of lobbying and policy-making.

President Steve Grammas discusses  the controversial Jason Aldean song. The song in question appears to have sparked significant public outcry, and Steve Grammas addressed the reasons behind the uproar and provided the perspective of the LVPPA on the matter.

Overall, Episode 17 seems to have provided valuable information on the legislation session's outcomes and the efforts made by the LVPPA to advocate for the interests of police officers. It also covered some intriguing controversies within the community, making it an engaging and informative podcast installment.

Length: 36:06

Episode 16: Bryan Peterson and Scott Nicholas

Director of SWAT/K9 Bryan Peterson stops by the studio to discuss his background and multitude of issues with PPA President Steve Grammas and PPA Vice President Scott Nicholas.

Length: 1:29:35

Episode 15: Tierney Tomburo

Officer Tierney Tomburo stops by the studio to tell us about her upbringing and her OIS incident that made headlines last year. She tells the chilling story that became a life or death situation. Her bravery in this situation led her to be nominated as Nevada's Top Cop nominee at national police week in Washington D.C. This is not an episode to be missed. Make sure you LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, AND SHARE!

Length: 1:05:12

Episode 14: Police v Fire/Police Week Preview

Football Captains Sean Reilly and Dylan Hite are in studio to talk about the upcoming charity football game (May 6, 6pm, Bishop Gorman High School). Host President Steve Grammas also chats with Committee Member Seth Stokes and Sergeant at Arms Bryan Yant about the fundraising and community outreach regarding the charity football game and National Police Week in Washington DC.

Length: 1:07:04

Episode 13: Undersheriff Andy Walsh

The PPA Podcast is back!  Hosts President Steve Grammas, Treasurer Dan Coyne, and Event Coordinator Adella Solano are here and we have a lot to catch you up on!   

We bring in the New Year with a special guest, Undersheriff Andy Walsh.  We cover a variety of topics including the new and exciting changes from the new administration! 

Length: 1:38:39

Episode 12: Remond Willis

President Steve Grammas and Secretary Greg Stinnett are here hosting episode 12. We have a special guest, Remond Willis. Remond not only is a terrific officer, but also our leader on the field. He's here to recap the Police v Fire Charity Football Game and talk about some current events around the valley. This is not an episode to be missed. 

Episode 11: Top Cops: Jeff Corbett and Tom Cognian (Live from D.C.)

PPA President Steve Grammas and Treasurer Dan Coyne host today's episode of the LVPPA Podcast.  We are coming at you on location from Police Week in our Nation's Capital.  Today we are recapping what the experience was like this week.    

Top Cops, Police Memorial, and the Candelight Vigil for fallen officers was an incredible event that is not to be missed.  Our special guest are Nevada's Top Cop Finalists, Jeff Corbett and Tom Cognian, here to tell us more details about that fateful day.  Their bravery and quick thinking were incredible to watch.  Enjoy!

Episode 10: Live from Las Vegas Ballpark (Joe Lombardo and Jim Gemma)

For our 10th episode we took the show on the road.  PPA President Steve Grammas and Treasurer Dan Coyne head to Las Vegas Ballpark, home of the Aviators, to meet with some very interesting people.  First they chat with Jim Gemma, Director of Media Relations for the Aviators, to learn about how the stadium and the organization became one of the best clubs in all of Minor League Baseball.  

Then to close the episode Steve and Dan have a comprehensive conversation with Sheriff Lombardo about his background, campaign for Governor, and why the LVPPA voted to endorse him in the upcoming election.  

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Episode 9: Candidates for Sheriff (Stan Hyt, Tom Roberts, and Kevin McMahill)

President Steve Grammas and Treasurer Dan Coyne are back!  We have a very special episode where we interview the three main candidates for the Clark County Sheriff Position.  Stan Hyt, Tom Roberts, and Kevin McMahill are all in studio to talk about the biggest issues facing our officers and their upcoming campaign season.  Please make sure you FOLLOW, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE to our podcast!

The PPA Podcast #8

In this episode President Steve Grammas and newly promoted Treasurer Dan Coyne return to cover an array of subjects. They breakdown current session and provide a contract update, analyze some OIS, talk thin blue line (and meaning), talk policing in school, answer some fan questions, and examine “15 Things Cops Wish the Public Knew About Policing.” This is not an episode to be missed! Make sure you LIKE, FOLLOW, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!

The PPA Podcast #7

Brian "BG" Grammas steps in and guests hosts this week's episode.  BG and Steve talk about fallen officers, current events in politics, family life, and retirement plans. This episode talks about Dallas Harris Senate bill 212 police reform. Steve talks about the meeting he had with Vegas Golden Knights and his conversation with Ryan Reeves.  This episode has a lot of important information and even more laughs. This episode has been dedicated to Officer Talley from Boulder Police Department.    Make sure you LIKE, FOLLOW, and SUBSCRIBE!!!

The PPA Podcast #6

On this episode of the PPA Podcast Steve and Dan will be speaking with Washington National and their products and free college they are offering to PPA members, defund the police movement across the nation, Senator Dallas Harris Nevada police reform bills, Attorney General Aaron Ford NV AB58 bill, Kim Reynolds of Iowa Back the blue bill 1140 and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training with Chad Lyman. Chad will be breaking down some videos of police officers involved take downs of suspects.  LIKE, FOLLOW, AND SUBSCRIBE!

Episode 4: Myron Hamm and John Abel

On this week's episode we talk COVID health and safety, the vaccine, the potential dangers of "police free calls", analyze a dangerous OIS (Officer Involved Shooting), talk about the booking process, and we end the show with some humor.  Our own John Abel eats one of the hottest tortilla chips in the world.  This is not an episode to be missed!  Please LIKE FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE!

Episode 3: COVID Exposures, LAPD Chief Survey, and 5 Stresses Officers Deal with

PPA President Steve Grammas and Director Dan Coyne are back with another important episode of the PPA Podcast!  They touch on COVID exposures and those testing numbers, LAPD Chief Survey, the stresses of the job, take questions from fellow officers, and there might just be a bet on a hot dog eating contest.  Episode 3 is not one to be missed.  Make sure you FOLLOW, LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE.  We appreciate all the support so far!

Episode 2: Frank Mir

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Frank Mir, comes to the studio and gives us an amazing interview.  It was really interesting to hear his perspective on modern policing, the mindset of a championship level fighter, and his experiences coming from a police family.  This is not an episode to be missed!  We also review some tape of arrests.  Frank uses his experience to give us a play by play of physical arrests, and what officers can do to improve their technique!  Please LIKE, FOLLOW, and SUBSCRIBE to our podcast on your favorite platform. 

Episode 1: Michele Fiore

Las Vegas City Councilwoman, Michele Fiore, was gracious enough to drop by the studio to discuss our recent election cycle and the prospects of our city's future.  President Grammas and Director Coyne also discuss this new world we live in, how we police during COVID-19, the "VGK Letter", Thanksgiving do's and don'ts,  and we poke fun at some of the dumbest criminals youtube has to offer.  Please LIKE, FOLLOW, and SUBSCRIBE!