We Stand Behind You

Bryan Yant

Recently on social media and in the news, we have witnessed the unspeakable and disrespectful actions of violence against NYPD officers. The simple fact that their actions were celebrated by a small fraction of people shows the breakdown in our values and morals that our society continues to approve with these despicable acts that disrespect law enforcement. It is completely unacceptable that Commissioner James O’Neill and Mayor Bill de Blasio have created an environment that allows the criminals to run amuck without consequences.

With this going on, many officers have wondered, are we next? Will this trend happen here, and what direction does LVMPD expect of its officers? Steve Grammas quickly called Sheriff Lombardo to discuss this issue. Sheriff Lombardo’s response was swift: He had an LVMPD administrative notice drafted to give clear directions on these events, should officers encounter a situation like what was seen in NYC.

We stand behind you and encourage you to continue to handle yourself professionally while providing the members of our community with the finest police service. Watch out for your partners, and at the end of your shift, make it home safely. We are always available to assist you and provide guidance.