Investing in Uncertain Times

NLS Insurance/Fiore Wealth Management Group

For many people, right now is a frightening time — especially when it comes to your financial investments, and specifically retirement investments. First responders and their families, who are on the front lines of this crisis, are especially impacted.

In times like these, it is important to have the assurance that your financial plan is covered and your loved ones will be provided for in any eventuality. That allows you, as you face the incredibly difficult job you have, to at least remove that worry as you go about your day or night shifts.

As state employees, having the PERS retirement provision is a great help. Everyone who qualifies for this benefit deserves every bit of it. It is important to make sure you have someone who is aware of the plan’s details to help you understand it, so you and your family can get the most out of it.

Of course, PERS may not provide for everything you may need to put your retirement plan together. A secondary source of income can be put into your plan. This especially helps you with taxes in retirement. You may not be aware that both the investment world and the insurance world can work together to make you feel more secure in your future. There are options in investments that will protect you from loss in difficult market conditions and still give you the wealth-building results you need. Many are also not aware that the insurance you need to buy can also be a possible source of income in your retirement years. You can even use life insurance to provide for disability and long-term care needs in many cases.

The financial world is evolving very fast to keep up with the demands that workers now face. If you have not had time to go over all the details of your life/retirement plan recently, I encourage you to go to a financial professional you trust. Find one who is versed in PERS, as well as investments and insurance. Put a complete plan together and you will have one less thing on your mind during your days and nights.

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