New LVPPA Sports and Education Donation Process Now in Effect

Bryan Yant

Every member of the PPA is eligible to receive a once-a-calendar-year donation of $100 to use toward sports and education fees. This donation is to offset fees the member or their child may pay. The PPA provides 12 donations per month. In the past, sports donations were awarded on a first-come, first-serve process. The first 12 requests received in the month were awarded the donation, oftentimes within the first few hours of the month.

To improve the process, we recently changed how sports donations are distributed. Effective June 1, the member must submit a request to The request must contain the member’s name, P#, contact phone number and what sport or class the donation is for. An automatic response will be generated confirming the request. At the end of the month, all requests will be entered into a drawing and 12 requests will be awarded. The members who are awarded the donations will be notified. The member will be notified once the donation check is ready to be picked up at the PPA office. You will have 30 days to pick up the check; we will not 1,000-miler the checks due to many being lost in transit. After 30 days, the check will be canceled and you will not be eligible to receive another donation for the year.

If you are not notified, you may resubmit your request each month to be eligible for future drawings. As a reminder, you are only eligible for one donation per calendar year.