Local business, Metro to replace damaged trees at Alyn Beck Memorial Park

UPDATE (April 20): Several local businesses and members of the community came together on Monday to replace damaged trees at Alyn Beck Memorial Park.

According to the City of Las Vegas, Moon Valley Nurseries and individuals with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department will donate new trees. Mosaic Development will install them, the city said.

ORIGINAL REPORT: LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Las Vegas city marshals asked for the public’s help on Saturday to identify a vandal or vandals to the Alyn Beck Memorial Park.

In a media release, the city said the person or persons involved caused destruction to about 25 trees at the park on Brent Lane.

On Thursday morning, two city marshals were doing a property check and found several trees laying in the parking lot, the city said. They then found that 25 trees were destroyed. Some were snapped at the base and others had branches sawed off. Support wires were also found in nearby trash cans.

The City of Las Vegas said each tree is valued at $2,200, totaling about $55,000 from this incident.

Anyone with information was urged to call the Department of Public Safety at (702) 229-3223.

The park opened Jan. 31 in honor of Alyn Beck, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer who was fatally shot in a June 2014 ambush attack.