Thieves are Snatching and Selling Phones!

Be Smart about your Smartphone!

There’s been an uptick in cellphone thefts throughout the valley. Don’t be a victim! Here are some helpful ways you can protect yourself, your device and the data it contains:

  • Consider your surroundings.
  • Never leave your device unattended in public.
  • Know how to access your account and anti-theft software.
  • If the phone is stolen, report it to the police and service provider.
  • Remotely lock your device and change your passwords.
  • Backup your cellphone and wipe the information remotely.

Phones are being snatched by thieves looking to make a quick buck in Las Vegas. Don’t make it easy for them! Please keep your phone safe and secure at all times. Also, make sure you have your Apple ID or other login information written down somewhere other than “on” your phone, so you can utilize tracking apps like “Find my Phone” from other devices. It’s also a good idea to have all your photos and other content backed up to the cloud or another device. Help us fight crime by following these tips, and of course, if you have any info on the thieves, give us a call. You can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.