LVMPD creates online survey ask the public how they’re doing, and what they can do better

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — What do you think of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department? They want to know, and they’ve created an online survey in order to gauge public opinion on their performance, on what they can do better, and on locals’ thoughts about crime and community in general.

The survey includes questions including how you would rate police officers and their behavior, when the last time you interacted with a police officer was, and whether you feel they’re effective at keeping the community safe.

It also surveys citizen awareness of different community programs and services that LVMPD offers, such as the Explorers Program, the Neighborhood Watch Program, and the Gang Prevention Program.

“The LVMPD is committed to providing quality service to its residents and visitors. The results will be used to better inform the department about public perception,” the press release about the survey states.