Top Cops Awards

Jenifer Morris Photography

On May 12, Metro Officers Dave Corbin and Samuel Solorio Jr. received Honorable Mention awards at the 24th Annual NAPO Top Cops ceremony during Police Week in Washington, D.C.

On January 26, 2016, Officer Solorio came to the aid of Officer Corbin after suspect Gilberto Gutierrez sped through the streets of Las Vegas in a stolen car. Officers placed Stop Sticks on the road, puncturing the car’s tires and causing Gutierrez to crash and flee the scene on foot.

Officer Solorio heard the call as he was leaving work and raced in his personal vehicle to help Officer Corbin, who was by himself.

As Solorio arrived, Gutierrez was in Corbin’s blind spot and was aiming a handgun at him. Officer Solorio accelerated toward Gutierrez, distracting him. Gutierrez then aimed his gun at Solorio, who fired first through his windshield, hitting Gutierrez and ending the threat to his and Officer Corbin’s lives.

Congratulations to both of these brave officers, and thank you for representing our Department so well.