Peter King Addresses NAPO’s Annual Conference

esterday I was honored to address the annual conference of the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) held in Manhattan at the Westin Times Square Hotel. Police from all over the country attended the conference including the NYPD, the Nassau PD and the Suffolk PD.

In my remarks I emphasized my commitment and support for the police who are under attack not just from criminals and cop killers but from special interests and their allies in the media — especially anti-police rags like the New York Times.

Gun murders and assassinations of police are up 60% in the past 18 months. Yet the reaction of too many politicians and commentators is to second guess the cop on the street and put more restrictions on the police.

At last year’s Democratic National Convention the mother of Michael Brown — a criminal who was killed attacking a cop in Ferguson, Missouri, after attempting to take the officer’s pistol — was honored by Hillary Clinton and there was not one comment from the mainstream media.

This is what cops are up against. They put their lives on the line for us and the critics who have never gone down a dark alley or gone across a roof can’t wait to criticize the cop who must make the split second, life or death decision. This puts the cops at risk, but if the police are prevented from doing their job, all of us are put as risk.

The time has come for political leaders and others in public life to put political correctness aside and speak out in defense of the men and women in blue. Blue Lives Do Matter!!

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