Sweet Story of Appreciation for Officer M. Butler

I know Officer Butler. He is a great cop and a better man. We don’t see enough positive recognition for officers. Good work!

Officer: Sorry, you’re just going too fast! 55 in a 35.

Me: Don’t say sorry! 100% my fault!

Officer: Hahaha. Where are you going? To work?

Me: Hahaha! No, I just left work and I’m all pumped up and excited.

Officer: Hahaha! I’m going to work with you and just cite you for 5mph over the limit. I’m sorry.

Me: Stop saying sorry! Have a good day!

Officer: Hahaha! Ok, have a good day!

Yes, I got a ticket. NO, I’m not mad at this man for citing me and doing the job that we pay him to do.

If anyone knows Officer M. Butler, tell him Trish Georges appreciates him!


I just found out this man’s wife is battling cancer and I’m in the process of meeting them to help their fight. I was clearly put in his life for a reason.