Counter-Terrorism Officials in Las Vegas Address Manchester Attack


Officials with the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center, also known as the Fusion Center, are staying vigilant following the terror attack at the Manchester Arena.

Captain Christopher Darcy with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said terrorists change their tactics and “lone-wolf” attacks have become more common.

“Whether it be EDC, Nascar, any type of event, we need to continue to maintain safety,” Darcy said.

A network of cameras within the Fusion Center watch over prominent areas of the strip, but Darcy said the community should always remember the golden rule of “see something, say something.”

“So that if an event happens or something suspicious happens on the strip we can take a look at it,” he said.

Video footage of the strip used in a recent ISIS propaganda video also caused concerns in the community. Darcy said the footage is out-dated, but any kind of potential threat such as this is investigated as “credible.”