LVMPD Demonstrate Events of Officer-Involved Shootings

These types of scenarios help civilians understand what goes on before, during and after an officer-involved shooting — and why that split-second decision and its aftermath are so difficult.

The shooting I witnessed today was staged, no one was really hurt.

But it was all made to seem as real as possible.

We heard from three officers on Thursday, who’ve been in shootings.

Some of them, you probably remember.

I went to Walmart with the absolute certainty I was going to be in a shooting.

June 8, 2014, was one of the darkest days in LVMPD history.

It’s the day two officers were shot and killed while eating lunch at a pizza shop.

Two suspects ran into a nearby Walmart and killed a third person.

Officer Brett Brosnahan wasn’t just there, he helped end it. He shot one of the killers. It’s something he thinks about every day.

“Usually it’s dreams, sometimes it’s nightmares. More grief related”, said Brosnahan

On Thurday, LVMPD gave us rare access into what goes on before, during and after an officer-involved shooting.

Officers staged a surprise drill as our cameras were rolling.

The scenario: A routine traffic stop leads to gunfire.

While an actual investigation would take hours, this demonstration moved much quicker.

Crime scene analysts move in, detectives interviewing witnesses, including myself, to get a complete picture of who saw what.

I missed the gun in the suspect’s hand. My view was blocked.