Police Week: Why Should I Go?

Who Has Been To Washington D.C. For Police Week?

I hold classes for cops across the country on the topics of technology and tactics. As I finish the course material each time, I turn to the group and pose the question above.

Of a group of maybe 20, I might see one or two hands. Maybe none. “Who has heard of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in D.C.,” I continue. Thankfully, most of them have. It is then that I try to tell the story.

I must admit that explaining Police Week is like my wife trying to share her experience of child birth with me. She uses words that I know (or can look up). The words somehow always fall short of making me feel what she felt.

I know it’s the same in a classroom with a group of cops. Words alone just don’t cut it. Yet, I hope to touch a nerve or strike a chord in the heart of just one of those cops. I hope to light a fire in the heart of just one. Most of the time, the effort succeeds. For that I am grateful.