Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor to Wed Fireman Who Saved Her


When Roseann Sdoia was laid up with an amputated leg in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, love was the last thing on her mind.

But her mother, ever the matchmaker, saw a perfect opportunity as handsome firefighter Mike Materia hovered nearby.

“In the hospital, my mom tried to set me up with him,” Sdoia said.

“She was like, ‘Oh, did you see that firefighter? He’s so cute.’ And I was like, ‘Mom, I just got blown up.’ ”

But Mom’s persistence paid off. The victim and her hero struck up a romance that will soon lead to marriage.

Meanwhile, Sdoia’s road to recovery will take her on Wednesday to the Empire State Building, where she and her fiancé will participate in the annual race up the 1,576 stairs to benefit charity.