1 Off-Duty Cop Killed, Another Rescued as Flames Consume Car After Bronx Crash

Two off-duty officers pulled a man, later identified as another officer, from a flaming car in the Bronx Wednesday night following a horrific crash that left another cop dead and witnesses traumatized, according to police.

The dramatic rescue happened moments after a Dodge Charger carrying the woman and the man flipped over and erupted into flames on Park Drive around 11:45 p.m.

Police believe the dead officer, identified as 27-year-old Bianca Bennett of Queens, lost control of the Charger as she got off Park Drive on City Island Circle. The vehicle flipped over and was consumed by fire, according to witnesses, who said they were left traumatized by what they saw.

Witnesses said Bennett, a rookie officer who polices in Manhattan, and the man were painfully screaming for help when two off-duty officers who had just left the NYPD’s Rodman’s Neck firing range rushed towards the smoking wreckage.