Man sentenced in 2009 killing faces new charges in attack on Clark County jail officer


In the years since Robin Lesley Jenkins was stabbed to death, her relatives turned to religion in trying to cope with their loss.

And David Frostick, the man convicted of killing the 45-year-old woman, tried to use religion to receive forgiveness from Jenkins’ family.

Jenkins’ niece, Arijana Martinez-Harris, called Frostick’s words “the biggest slap in the face”

“That was kind of all we had,” she said Wednesday.
Weeping, she said Frostick mocked her family’s beliefs when he testified in September that he had “found Jesus.”

“I don’t believe he will ever take full responsibility,” she said. “And I don’t believe that me or God or anyone else can force him to.”

District Judge Elissa Cadish sentenced the defendant on Wednesday to between 28 years and life in prison for the 2009 killing.

The 53-year-old Frostick still faces charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon and battery with a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm in connection with an attack on an officer at the Clark County Detention Center.

Five days after his first-degree murder conviction, authorities allege, Frostick choked the officer with his legs and struck the officer with his own flashlight.