Metro detectives to go on patrol to help curb violent crime

It’s just March, and so far Metro Police has investigated 34 homicides in its jurisdiction.  That’s compared to last year around the same time when Metro had only investigated 18 homicides.

The steep increase in violence has caused the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to shift its resources.  In fact, the police department is in the process of hiring more officers.

But until the new officers are hired, Metro says it will rely on detectives who wouldn’t generally be on patrol to keep a watchful eye on the area.

“It concerns everybody, from the sheriff on down,” said Lt. Dan McGrath, Metro Police.  “There’s some plans being put into place to put some more people out on the street, including people like myself.”

Detectives will now to do patrol duties for two weeks at a time.  Metro hopes this will put an end to the violence around the valley.

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