SEIU v. Clark County

Dear Members:

On the eve of Thanksgiving, it is our pleasure to announce a powerful decision handed down in the case of SEIU v. Clark County regarding SB 241 and association leave time.

As you are aware, the Department has taken the position that associations must pay cash for their leave time. The Department also hinted that Association leave time is not a subject of mandatory bargaining. LVMPD’s three employee groups submitted briefs in support of SEIU’s case before the Nevada Employee Management Relations Board.

Today, EMRB ruled that association leave time must be negotiated by employers. Additionally, it is presumed that associations have provided concessions for leave time in prior contracts. It is incumbent on the Department to prove the contrary.

This decision is binding on the Department as they prepare for PPACE arbitration over leave time. Finally, PPA and PMSA benefit greatly going into 2016 contract negotiations.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Best wishes,

General Counsel